Thursday, March 6, 2014

OH those lovely addictive beads :)

I love going to the bead store and just running my fingers through the little dishes of beads. OH and those great walls full of hanks and strands of beads. I can spend all day in there.
I know myself too well. Sometimes I buy beads that I like and I know I may never use them. That's an addiction isn't it. I especially cant pass up bead shapes that are new to me. Unique beads, tiny beads, shiny beads, beads with multiple holes, with strange surfaces BEADS BEADS BEADS!! :) I thought Id list out some of my favorite beads. There are a lot of these in my bead desk and I know one day I'll find a super use for them but for now I just enjoy having them. Miyuki Delicas Theres so many shades and lusters and USES!!
Here's an example of a bookmark I made with them.
My most recent favorite Super Duo beads These are such great stackables! I have a thing for beads with more than one hole SO much creative room!!
Bugle beads SOOOO cool :)
DAGGERS GRR Oh wait look how sweet these daggers look?
I would write more but I can hear the beads in the desk calling to preciouses!!! Maybe I'll post another blog on bead types but for now...I'm going to play with the ones I have :) BYE NOW!

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