Monday, March 17, 2014

No Kill Revolution

I'm a huge animal lover. I have a small menagerie of rescues I take care of on my own. I help do transports for local rescues, I try to donate time, money whatever I can to help critters whenever I can. The BEST thing that I and YOU can do to help in this though, is EDUCATE people. I worked for a time in a pet store. Yes, a lot that goes along with a pet store goes against the very grain of what and how I feel about pets in general. We were responsible in that we didn't support puppy or kitten mills. We only offered puppies and kittens from the local shelter for adoption. I can't say that I feel much better about the companies we DID support by purchasing rodents, birds, exotics, etc from. But I tried to view it as a way to work on the problem from the inside out.
I took EVERY opportunity to educate customers on the plight of animals they might be unwittingly supporting. Some people were surprised and took the info to heart, others were kindred spirits who joined in the conversation whole-heartedly already having educated themselves, to my dismay many just did NOT care. They wanted a puppy for $300 to their specifications and within weeks they'd have a poster up wanting to sell it. People who wanted to buy a pet for their kid because he was screaming he wanted something and they didn't know how to say "NO" to the child but somehow wanted me to magically come up with a pet that required very lil care or cleaning and a small , cheap habitat. I pointed them to the aisle with plastic plants used for decor. :)
I digress. Some people don't want to care or know but MOST people DO! It may not be something they are readily made aware of but that's where people like me ( and some of you) come in. We have to share our knowledge. We have to actively make a difference where the animals can't and other people won't. If its nothing more than posting info on your blog, your fb page, your instagram, your twitter, on your bumper sticker, wear a t-shrt, just get people talking. Explain the large quantities of pets dying each year in shelters can be stopped. Spay and neuter your pets. Don't support breeders. Don't support pet stores that sell puppies/dogs and cats/kittens.
Theres so much anyone can do even if only occasionally it makes a difference. Make an effort to help local shelters by either volunteering to clean, or help the animals socialize so they are more likely to get adopted. Help transport rescue animals that are shipping out of state. Some of the transports I have done were just one leg of a long trip and I only drove them 1 hour to another pickup. It doesn't take much. Foster pets in your own home til they can be moved to a rescue or transported.
Clip out coupons for pet supplies and drop those off at the local shelter THEY USE THEM TRUST ME. Some items you dont realize they might need as well:

  •  bleach
  •  towels ( paper or bath towels) 
  • garbage bags 
  • mops 
  • giftcards
  • pet toys 
  • fresh veggies 
  • tongue depressors
  • distilled water
  • newspapers
  • Any kind of cleaning solutions or disinfectant
  • Ziplock bags (all sizes, especially gallon) 
  • Spray bottles with triggers 
  • Sponges and scrub pads
  • Batteries 
  • Large wall fans 

 Links that may help


 ( note PETA is not in my list, they kill as many adoptable animals each year as do shelters. I hold no support for PETA. NO KILL is the answer and it is possible)
Pets don't have to die in shelters or on roadsides on in alley ways. Its up to us. Join the No Kill Revolution. Make a difference.

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