Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Felt Like It

Yes, that is an awful pun for a blog on felt crafts :) But I just couldn't resist.
I was in the store recently and was amazed at the wonderful new patterns of felt I found and my head just EXPLODED with ideas. Of course, it was a day when I had not a single second to sit down and craft. Don't you hate that? I've started keeping a little notebook with me to jot down ideas when they hit me like that so I don't completely lose them into the ether. Sketches and goofy notes abound. Back to the FELT.
I snagged a couple of pieces to experiment with when I could get some crafty time. As I sat down today to write this blog, I couldn't think of a thing to write about. Then I glanced over at the crafting table (that I'm forcing myself to stay away from until I finish my other chores for the day) and I saw those beautiful pieces of felt and I had my inspiration. I sell handmade felt catnip mice in my Etsy store. They are seriously my best seller. With these new printed felts, I can't wait to make some more! But Lately I've been playing with other felt crafts. There's just so much to DO with this simple fabric :) Look at these beautiful patterns by mmmcrafts

Check out this blog The M C Borgia Bungalow

This wallet by AlexMLynch is AMAZING.

I love this wreath by Curious Bloom

Enjoy these wonderful shops and blogs I've linked and be sure to drop by mine as well! I have to go make some felt mice NOW !! :) Keep creating things ya ..mean it.

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