Wednesday, September 24, 2008

pets and crafts

Anyone who knows me can tell you the only thing I love better than crafts are my pets.
I have a menagerie.

4 cats(Bitty, Jinx, Clawed and Pheobe)

1 dog (Rascal)

2 Chinese Firebelly Newts Not yet named. any suggestions?)

1 Chinese paddletail newt(Monty)

1 salt water aquarium with live rock, cleaning crew and the main attraction a green spotted puffer(Chucky)

...and 5 planted freshwater tanks with numerous kinds of fish and snails.

Most of the time I can draw inspiration from my pets when crafting. Sometimes they even try to lend a ...paw. That ususally ends up in a mess but its fun all round :)

So today I'm focusing on others who have used their pets, mainly fish as a focus of their art or craft.

This is in hansigurumi's etsy shop. Mind blowing work.

This is in Juani1's shop. Recycle reuse!!

nebulamystic's shop

paraphernalia's shop

AsgardJEwewlry Shop

NicoleBrown's Shop





My shop


  1. Great selection of fish, Each shop is unique

  2. the cuttlefish is awesome! nice collection of fish. I really like the cuttlefish though lol didn't know a knitter could make such a thing.