Saturday, September 27, 2008

OCD and Crafting

OK I'm not the most organized person. I like to work organically. I get a bead and then another kind of bead, I pour the beads together on the work space. I roll them around I began pulling things from drawers as the piece takes shape in my mind and then in my hands. When its all done I'm generally spent and the last thing I want to do is separate the leftover bits back into their respective cubby holes. But that's ok because there will be a moment in the next day or so when I will be frustrated about something, (money, family, work whatever) and then my o.c.d. side kicks in and I MUST sit and divide, organize, section and categorize EVERYTHING. The smaller the lil crafty bits that need organizing the better.

My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy because I buy mixed bags of beads just so I can sit and separate them out by color size, shape etc. Its my therapy. It works for me. And it costs a lot less than a shrink.

Anyway, I had a bout of cleaning and organizing recently and now I have a ton of stuff that I've categorized into a DESTASH pile. These are items that I've had for sometime and have been convinced I'm going to make some great and wonderful project out of day. Well its time for someone else to try and make something wonderful with them. I realize that I'm not going to and there is no sense in them gathering dust in my crafting bins. So I'm selling them off.
Besides that means I can put NEW things in my crafting drawers YAY!

See if there is anything in my bargain bin o'destah that you might want :)
If you do see something you want the link above each picture will take you to the page where you can purchase it :D

Silver dangle charms

pearlescant plastic beads

misc stone

wrapped crystal

pretty beads

shell pendants

ear posts

sequins and rhinestones



more yarn

wood boards

picture frame

stencil brushes

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