Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Haven't had much luck selling anything. I still love making my stuff, but I don't wear it much and I can't afford to make a bunch of things I can't actually move. Plus its just so sad to have these pieces just hanging on a rack when they should be on a person. I guess I just needed to vent and this is as good a place as any I suppose.

I've stopped making jewelry for a while. I'm gonna make things for pets as a change of pace. I have plenty of pets so I have plenty of ideas.

Here are a few items in the works.

Placemats for food bowls:

Cute bags that attach to a leash to hold poopy pickup bags or your whatever you need with you for a walk with the dog.

Catnip toys off various sorts.
Crocheted octupus with cat nip filler.

felt handsewn mice

Also making ferret hammoks, sugar glider pouches, pet beds and collars. I'll post pics as I go.

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