Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hemp Fashion

When I lived in New Orleans, I used to sit in Jackson Square with a couple of boxes of cool beads and lots of embroidery thread and braid peoples hair. I charged $1 per inch plus whatever bangles, beads or bells you added you had to buy from my box. Making simple macrame knots around a braid in a persons hair using whatever color combos they wanted seemed a fun way to pass the day and make easy money. That was when I first learned how to make hemp jewelry using those simple knots and a a few more.

 Suddenly I was selling my jewelry along with braiding peoples hair with cool colors.

Then bags came along. I found that you could get thick weaves of hemp and using large knots you could make cool bags for groceries and knocking about.

Washed hemp, I discovered with its softer texture was great for crocheting little bags of all sorts

and hats...

and thick shirts for the winter

..and holy crap even bikinis for the hemp fanatic! (  I REALLY like these :) )

In any case its always been one of my favorite fibers to work with. Super versatile and you open your imagination ( no you don't have to smoke it to do that :P)

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