Monday, June 29, 2009

Lazy days of Summer

Have I ever been lazy. :D
Sorry about the lack of posting. I just seem to still be in roadtrip/vacation mode. Today I kicked my arse back into gear though. Cleaning to be done, work to finish and yes blogs to write :D
I haven't been completely lazy though. As if I don't have enough irons in the fire, I decided to try my hand at polymer clay again. I had a stash of it squirrelled away from previous attempts. While browsing some of my favorite craft forums and pattern sites, I stumbled across some tutorials and got bit by the bug again.

I am in AWE at some of the things people can make with polymer clay. The ideas that people come up with. I get these great and grand ideas while surfing around then I sit down with my clay and completely draw a blank. Like artist's block or something. Its so frustrating. So I've just been working through some tutorials trying to hone my skills a bit and learn the tricks and techniques. I am hoping the muses open back up to me as I go. Maybe I just haven't paid my dues enough yet with the basics :)
Anyway here are some products of my lazy time attempts at learning the trade.

Sorry for the bad picture quality. These are a few canes and misc. bits I've practiced with.

In the back is a supposed to be a teddy bear face that looks more like a mouse now that I think about it :) I'm gonna add an eyepin to it for a pendant maybe. In the front is a baby dragon I've just begun. None of these have been fired yet.

Tiny icecream cone. :)
These are so freaking cute I love tiny clay foods

This is tealight holder that I covered with a cane I made. Its kind of cheesy but hey, its a start !

Need some help with polymer clay?
Try out these sites:

The Clay Store
Polymer Clay Central
Polymer Clay Productions

Also google for videos on polymer clay and you can find ALL kinds of great video tutorials. I was lost for a whole day just soaking up videos. Tomorrow I'll post up some of my favorite creations and artsist I've found during my lazy days :D

Have fun browsing those sites they are full of great info !


  1. hey there! Thank you very much for the award! lol Where is it?

  2. Look in my archive at the week 06/07-06/14

    Its in the post dated June 10 :D