Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Back!

Wow! What a great trip!
But it took me a few days to recover LOL.

Ok so a group of my friends that play online games together and I meet up once a year or so to play board games for the weekend and just hang out and geek out. This year we stayed at a chalet (I guess you would call it. I'm not up on my architect terms :P ) waaaay up on the mountains of NC. We have stayed at this chalet before and it is just beautiful. It is bit of treacherous road to get there though.

Let me start with the very beginning so you can process the situation :D

I rode the first part of the trip from Alabama to Georgia on the back of a motorcycle. A very nice motorcycle mind you, an easy ride. But my only bike wear is leather,....
and its freaking HOT out!
So by the time we got to GA I was a bit dehydrated but I shrugged it off. We meet up with the Georgia Geekenders and ate at Umezumo, a traditional Japanese restaurant. Excellent food. We did a little shopping around in GA grabbing supplies and I settled into a car with my friend Windy for the remainder of the ride to NC.
Now two different people had gotten directions online on how to get there. Both folks had the same directions. We figured we were golden. All was well and uneventful until we got into NC. We knew that some of the roads we wold be on were rustic to say the least, so when we turned off on a gravelly dirt-like trail we weren't surprised. I was feeling very sick from dehydration and was trying to drink plenty of water. As the roads had begun to wind back and forth ,like they do in NC, I became increasingly nauseous. We had to stop several times. I was SO sick.
Its about 1- 2 in the morning and we have been on this path for what seems like forever and it just keeps getting worse and worse. And we had NO cell reception. The cars are scraping bottom over rocks and the road is literally carved into the mountain. On either side of the car are dirt walls with roots sticking out, or in areas its trees straight up one side and mountain drop off on the other. Several times we thought the cars wouldn't go any further. We began to get very worried about our situation. At one point we come to a place where the road ahead is completely covered by what looks like swamp where the road dips through a sort of valley and the water looks to have been standing there a long time. No choice but to go back. Turning around was FUN.( not really, 22 point turns.) Branches scraping against the cars, rocks scraping beneath. One of the cars lost a large piece of something from under it. We put it in the back seat. I haven't heard yet what that was >.< style="font-weight: bold;">would have come out right near the driveway to the chalet, except it had been CLOSED for 6 YEARS! As we exited the road of hell we had ran into a man who lived nearby who told us that google map, mapquest and all the other ones send people up that road all the time and it has been CLOSED for 6 YEARS! 6 YEARS!!

In any case that was the big adventure for the trip :D We got to the wonderful chalet and played several rounds of Carcassonne, Order of the Stick Board Game, and Arkham Horror.
Between games we were very much like hobbits :D Which means we sat around eating, drinking and telling stories. It was awesome! A few times we explored outside but we found a lot of snakes. A LOT and so we let them be and stayed near the house. One of the guys actually got bit by a snake but it only hit his boot and didn't actually bite the skin so all was well.
Very uneventful trip back, thank goodness :)
Here are a few pics.

This is the GOOD road. I don't have any pictures of the bad road. Pictures were far from my mind at that time.
Up on the mountain at the chalet.
The gaming table in foreground, Geekenders chillin in the back.This church was so pretty during the day but when you ride up on it for the first time late at night on that rough road its kinda creepy LOL.

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