Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Creative crafts from recycled goods

I LOVE seeing the wonderful ways people come up with reusing things to make beautiful crafts. It amazes me at the ideas some people have when they look at an item.
Check these out!(click on links below for the shop)

Really can you imagine looking at a skateboard and saying "That would make a great pair of earrings!"

"Hmm those seatbelts would make a great tote..."

"Those soda tabs just scream fashionista!"
Ann-Made Art

I need to mark my place...wheres that circuitboard...
Debby Arem Designs

That "sounds of the mongoose mating season" cd can be so beautiful.
ahahahHA EyePopArt pointed out that its not actually the CD but they are made from the clear CD spacers that usually come on top when you buy a spindle of CD-roms. Sorry "Sounds of the mongoose" will have to wait to become beautiful art later ;) LOL sorry bout the mistake there EyePopArt thanks for the headsup :)

Hey let me put that can on the side of my fridge when you empty it.
Funky Recycling

I applaud all these crafters for their ingenuity and effort in doing their part to save our environment from waste. I hope they all didn't mind my humor in posting their designs :D All in good fun! Keep up the good fight people! Every little bit helps.


  1. Thank you for including my bag with your other great finds. To me, nothing is more satisfying than making "something" out of "nothing."

  2. Oh no worries! Thank you so much for featuring my suncatcher! I wish it could have been "Songs of the Mongoose" but if I ever run across that record I'll make you something special. Thanks!

  3. Ahahah Thanks a ton EyePopArt. I'm sure it would be awesome too!