Sunday, May 31, 2009

Green is the new Black

We've all heard it. Green is the color to be. We all want to save the environment, make our carbon footprint smaller, keep the planet healthy.
Someone once told me that its a crock of bull to "save the earth" cause we humans would all die off way before the planet dies. OK, that didn't make me feel any better about it really LOL.
Besides we want to be sure all the cute fuzzy animals can live on even if we don't right ? ;)
I'm being funny , mostly.

But I thought I would occasionally throw a GREEN TIP up here and there.
Yeah I have a water filter so I don't use plastic bottles for water that fill up a landfill and I recycle my aluminum cans, I'm sure there are plenty of things I don't do. But I'm not claiming to be the perfect environmentalist. I'm just trying to make a difference where I know how. Plus as a natural born pack rat I'm always looking for cool ways to put to use things that might otherwise be scrapped.

Lets see what lil green tidbit I've dug up for this week shall we?

So this may sound too simple to be true, but did you know that eating local foods can do a lot towards saving the environment?

Well, consider how much waste is created and pumped into the environment shipping those beautiful pieces of fruit from another country..not the sort of thing you think about when you are looking at those lovely pieces of produce at your store. If you're like me you feel good for eating healthy and YES that's great!

Consider it this way though, you eat local foods you save on the waste into the environment and you are supporting the local farmers and your community's economy. Often there are other benefits. Local honey is better for you especially if you have sinus problems due to pollen. The theory is that ingesting local honey helps your body build an immunity to the local pollens since it is produced from those same pollens.

In any case I LOVE going to a local farmers market and browsing over fresh things grown by people who I can actually TALK to, such a great connection to where it comes from. More often it tastes so much better than chain store products and I don't have to wonder what all its been through before it got plastic wrapped and shelved.

If you want to find a local market there are LOTS of ways to do so.
This is just one good place to start.

If you find any other resources post them in a comment here let others know! Spread the greeeeeeeen knowledge :D

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