Saturday, September 21, 2013

Work work work :) Gotta keep the bills paid BUT HEY! you need to see something cute and interesting right?? I have just the thing for YOU! Red and Black Walking Frogs. My coolest little Roomates :)
These nocturnal ground dwelling frogs are native to tropical and southern subtropical Africa. They are called walking frogs because they the lack the jumping ability of most frogs.
Also known as Red-Banded Rubber Frog, Red-Banded Frog, Red-Banded Crevice Creeper, Fire Walking Frog, South African Snake-Necked Frog
During the dry season this species seeks shelter in burrows, loose soil, termite mounds, and the hollows of dead trees. It is capable of digging burrows with its hind limbs, even though it lacks the "digging spades" found on frogs of other families
Another special aspect of this frog is its crazy tongue. It can shoot out in an arc greater than 200 degrees, which means that it’s able to catch prey that’s to the side of its head or even slightly behind it!
YOu can see in the pictures above they are tiny guys as well . Max out as 3 inches on some females but usually stay about 2 inches and BOY can they EAT!! SO there is your cute and interesting blog post for today. :)

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