Monday, August 30, 2010

Glitch in the Matrix

Dejavu. There is a glitch in the matrix. Yup has to be. Cause I'm trying the band thing AGAIN. Let's see how well that goes this time.

Also for those of you that craft I'm going to be adding quite a few supplies to my stores inventory. Time to clear out some older stuff and make room for new stuff. I'm not finding much inspiration these days. I'm hoping that cleansing out my trays of beads and adding in new supplies will help to motivate my crafting.

Latest TV show obsession: The IT Crowd.
Chris O'Dowd is awesome.

Last but not least: my cat asleep in a shoe. Because, lets face it, I can't call it my blog if there isn't a pet in it somewhere.

Not really back into the swing of the serious blogging I had been doing but I will get back there. Working on my motivation to be more serious and structured. But for now you get cats asleep in shoes to tide you over. :D BAck again soon * crosses fingers*

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