Sunday, July 22, 2007

Have you got the marbles for it?

Um, hehe, I couldn't resist. I never seem to be able to resist a bad pun.
Anyway on to the point. I have a new section in my shop : Marbles
Oh I lovemaking these things so much! They can adorn magnets, pushpins, paperclips , hairclips, etc. I mean the list goes on. Because of that I don't attach them to anything before I list them. You the seller can order them on what you want, with in reason. I mean I'm not gonna attach them to hundred dollar bills for you ;) LOL
But these are really great for dressing up your cubicle and making it your own.

Thanks for dropping by and be sure to check out the wonderful shops I have listed in my links section.
Nothing says you care like a handmade gift!

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